Our Confession Statement

​Primary​ ​Standard – We affirm the whole counsel of God as contained in the 66 books of the Bible, which Word is our only final and absolute standard for faith and practice.
​Secondary​ ​Standards – 1)​ ​Produced​ ​by​ ​Reformation​ ​Covenant​ ​Church – We affirm the Confessional Statement and Church Covenant of Reformation Covenant Church as a secondary standard. 2)​ ​Produced​ ​by​ ​the​ ​Extended​ ​Body​ ​of​ ​Christ – We affirm the ecumenical creeds of the church: the Apostles Creed, the Nicene Creed, the Athanasian Creed, and the definition of Chalcedon. We also hold in high regard the secondary standards of the historic Presbyterian and Reformed Churches: the Westminster Confession of Faith (1647), the Belgic Confession (1561), the Westminster Larger and Shorter Catechisms (1647), the Heidelberg Catechism (1563), and the Canons of Dort (1619).


1. We hold the Scriptures, contained in the 66 books commonly referred to as the Old and New Testaments, to be God’s infallible commanding Word to His creatures. Accordingly, it is our sole basis of absolute authority. We believe the Scriptures to be inerrant in original manuscripts.

2. We believe that God has declared Himself to be and is absolute sovereign over all His creation. We believe that He has decreed whatsoever comes to pass, and that He, in His providence, upholds and sustains all things, and effects His decree.

3. We believe that God is one God, yet three Persons: Father, Son and Holy Ghost. We therefore believe in the equal ultimacy of the one and the many.

4. We believe that God has declared in the Bible that man’s chief end and purpose is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever

5. We believe that in Adam’s fall, we sinned all. We believe that all men are conceived in sin and in rebellion against God, suppressing His truth in unrighteousness. We believe that man is unable and unwilling to repent of his sin and turn to God, apart from the elective work of the Holy Ghost.

6. We affirm the Creator-creature distinction. We believe that man is absolutely different in essence from God, that he is a creature, though the highest of all God’s creatures, being created in the image of God. We reject any notion of shared sovereignty between God and man.

7. We believe that man was originally given a cultural mandate, and commanded to exercise dominion and to subdue the earth. With the fall of man, the mandate was not removed, but made more difficult. So that by regeneration man is able to walk in obedience to this recalling, as empowered by the Holy Ghost.

8. We believe that God the Son, namely Jesus Christ, though existing eternally in the Godhead, was born to the virgin Mary, and that He lived a life in complete obedience to God’s Law, and yet suffered and died on the cross, becoming the sin-bearer of the elect. We believe that all those that believe on Him (being enabled to believe by the Holy Ghost) are saved from eternal damnation and will live forever with God. We believe that all those that do not believe on Christ (being unable and unwilling to do so apart from the quickening of the Holy Ghost) will spend eternity in damnation and death.

9. We believe that we are to proclaim the whole counsel of God’s Word at every opportunity, whereupon God, in His providence, may impart faith by the Word to the hearer, and that he may thereby be converted.

10. We believe that Old Testament standing laws continue to be morally binding unless they are rescinded or modified by further revelation in the Holy Scriptures.

11. We believe that the civil precepts of the Old Testament are a model for perfect social justice for all cultures, even in the punishment of criminals.

12. We believe that obedience to God’s Law is commanded for heathen and Christian alike, the former having the wrath of God abiding on him as a rebel, the latter having the Spirit of God abiding in him working conformance to, and joy in, God’s Law.

13. We believe that all civil magistrates are under obligation to keep God’s Law and are judged by God on how they perform this duty.

14. We believe that the gates of hell shall not withstand the earthly advance of the church.

15. We believe that God has given two signs and seals of His covenant, these being baptism and communion.

16. We believe that all professors of faith in Jesus Christ, and their children, are entitled to the waters of baptism, and under obligation to enter therein.

17. We believe that all baptized professors of faith in Jesus Christ, and their baptized children, are invited by Christ to partake of His supper. However, those who show that they are covenant-despisers or blasphemous rejecters of God and His Law are to be barred from the table.