Our Officers

As Head of the Church and the Savior of the body, the Lord Jesus Christ gave officers necessary for the edification of His Church and the perfecting of the saints. These officers are Elders (pastors/shepherds, overseers or rulers) and Deacons. Elders have responsibility to oversee the whole work of the local church, with a focus on the ministry of the Word, prayer and worship. Deacons have been given as assistants to the Elders to administer the work of the church. The congregation is to follow with esteem and love the teaching and example of those who lead them.

Gary Barnard – Elder – Clerk of the Session
Gary is a telecom engineer who has faithfully been at the same company for over 30 years, first in Vancouver, B.C. and later transferring to California. In 2003 he and his wife, Alice, decided they needed a stronger church-family community, so they packed up their kids and moved from southern California to northern Oregon. It has been an unspeakable joy to be part of RCC. Over the years Gary has taken on several projects at church and enjoys serving the Body of Christ. Gary’s hobbies include beekeeping, hunting, shooting and being a Canucks hockey fan. Gary and Alice have 4 children and live in Oregon City. Gary was ordained and installed as an elder at RCC in November 2016.

Matt Dau – Elder
Matt and his wife Ana have four kids and have lived in Oregon City since 2006. Originally hailing from Green Bay, Wisconsin, Matt is a civil engineer working in asset management in the hydroelectric power industry. Matt is active in Christian education, having taught at a Christian school for several years and currently serving on the board of directors of another local Christian school. He was ordained and installed as an elder at RCC in January 2018.

Gene Helsel – Elder Pro Tempore
Gene grew up in Seattle, but has lived in the Wenatchee area since 1975. He studied Agriculture at WSU in preparation for third-world ministry. He has been married to Ellen for 35 years. They have four grown children and four grandchildren. He pastored at Trinity Church, Wenatchee (one of the three original churches of the CREC) from 1995 to 2011, and at King’s Cross Church, Wenatchee since November of 2011. Gene is the co-founder of The River Academy, a Classical and Christian School, in Wenatchee, WA.  His hobbies include mountain biking, playing the guitar and reading.

Michael Lortz – Elder – Moderator of the Session
Michael has been part of RCC for nearly his entire life. He and his wife Elaine (Elly) met at RCC’s annual family camp as teenagers, married in 2001, and have 5 children. They live in Oregon City. A graduate of the University of Idaho, Michael is a licensed CPA and part-owner of a Portland accounting firm. He speaks often on tax-related topics. Michael has been active in Christian Education at RCC for many years as well as various Christian ministries outside of RCC. He was a founding board member of Love In the Name of Christ of Clackamas County in 2004 and continues to serve that organization. Michael was ordained and installed as an elder at RCC in November 2016.

Roger Payne – Elder
Roger served six years active duty in the US Navy from 1972-1978, then attended Multnomah University, graduating in 1984 with a Bachelors of Science degree in Biblical Education. He has served at RCC as a Sunday School teacher and administrator, and has overseen the weekly Sunday fellowship meal (Agape), the internal benevolence program and the greeters. Roger works in Customer Service Communications for Portland General Electric. He and his wife Beverly have 4 children, 6 grandchildren and 1 on the way. They have been members at RCC since 1995 and live in Oregon City. Roger was ordained and installed as an elder at RCC in November 2016.

George Shubin – Elder
George Shubin is a husband of one, a father of 7, and a grandfather of 17.  He came to Christ during a Billy Graham Crusade in Los Angeles in September 1963, and credits that experience and the guiding hand of the Holy Spirit in protecting him from the moral craziness during the societal upheavals of the 1960s.  He and his lovely wife, Tanya, have been married since 1969.  He moved his family to Oregon in 1975 and hasn’t regretted one moment of that decision. George has been programming computers since dinosaurs walked the earth, and has owned and operated a small computer software development business for the last 40-plus years.  He has been an avid student of the Scriptures and theology in general, has taught Sunday School for both teenagers and adults, was editor for two church newsletters, and published his own subscription-based religious issues newsletter. He was elected to the deacon board of a previous church and served faithfully for several years. His Scriptural studies eventually drew him to an understanding and appreciation of Reformed Theology, and considers it the most well-rounded and comprehensive expression of Biblical teaching.  He was ordained and installed as Elder in November of 2016.

John Stoos – Elder Pro Tempore
John Stoos was ordained as Church of the King’s first Sacramento elder in 2004 and has served as the full-time pastor since January of 2005. John has been a Christian for  thirty-five years and is happily and faithfully married to Linda. They have lived in Sacramento since 1983 where they enjoy their six children and twenty-one grandchildren. John has shown himself to be gifted in evangelism, apologetics, public policy and media communications. He was the daily host of Dialog, a daily Christian talk radio show uniquely merging Biblical answers to modern social issues and needs. John has also served as a political consultant in California politics for over twenty years, ten of which as Chief Consultant to Senator Tom McClintock. John also serves as Vice-President of Cherish California’s Children, Inc., a proactive organization that supports effective Pro-Life organizations throughout California for which he recently received the Faith & Community Award from Pacific Justice Institute.

John Unger – Elder
John Unger is an elder at Reformation Covenant Church in Oregon City, Oregon where he has served in various ministries for 20+ years.  John describes himself first and foremost as a Christian who prizes the word of God and seeks to apply it to all areas of life.  He has written and spoken on biblical themes for a number of years, and loves encouraging others to learn and apply the Scriptures and whole-heartedly follow the Lord Jesus. John works full-time in logistics for apaper manufacturing company in Vancouver, WA. He has been married to Teresa for 36 years; they have five children (three married), and six grandchildren.

Garry Vanderveen – Elder Pro Tempore
Garry Vanderveen is the founding pastor of Christ Covenant Church, a congregation that began in 1999. Garry and his lovely wife,   Nicole, have been married for twenty-three short years, and have six children, one son-in-law, and a granddaughter.  In 1997, Garry  received an M.Div. from Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary. Additionally, he has studied at Simon Fraser University,  Waterloo University, and the Associated Canadian Theological Schools. Garry is passionate about global missions and has ministered in Poland, Hungary, and Ukraine. His efforts there have included leading short-term mission trips, teaching at pastoral conferences, and  serving as a director on the Joint Eastern European Project mission organization. 

Jeff Cone – Deacon
Jeff Cone, a CPA, has strong abilities in the area of finance and helps with the church budget, financial reports, and the church accounting system. He owns a successful consulting company. Jeff and his wife Ann have six children and two grandchildren. They live in Mulino, Oregon.

Tom Dahlin – Deacon
Tom grew up sailing in the San Francisco Bay area, and was saved in his teens when a sailing friend invited him to church. He became convinced of reformed theology when his wife Karen started to read David Chilton, and that led to Gary North and others, in the early 90’s. He and his family moved to the Oregon City area circa 1990, when they packed a station wagon full of personal belongings and children and drove up from the bay area. He works as a Field Service Engineer on lab equipment, and started his own business in 2003. He feels called to oversee teen volunteers; helping them get involved in church activities. His hobbies/ interests include: home winemaking, historical sailing, and engineering activities. Tom and his wife Karen have 10 children and two grandchildren. Tom was installed as a deacon in the summer of 2017.

Brian Erland – Deacon
Brian became convinced of Reformed doctrine in the summer of 1998, while on a business trip with his wife, and together started reading “Eschatology of Victory” and “Paradise Restored.” The family began attended RCC in 1998, and became members in October, 1999. In April, 2000, Brian was transferred to northern California, where he acted as general manager for a branch of his firm. The family transferred their membership to Covenant Reformed Church of Grass Valley. Brian was ordained and installed as a deacon in this church in October 2000. His major ministries were the nursing home program, acting as Treasurer, and overseeing building maintenance. Brian served as a deacon until he transferred back to Oregon in September, 2002 and the family transferred their membership back to RCC. At RCC, Brian started a benevolence ministry for seniors at McLoughlin Place in Oregon City, has organized several sports activities for members of the church, including co-ed softball, boys’ basketball teams and helping organize activities for Future Men’s camp and Family Camp. He and his wife Peggy live in Kaiser and have three children.

Daniel Forster – Deacon
Daniel has been part of RCC for basically his entire life (since his family started coming in 1987). He and his wife Katelyn married in 2008  and they have five children. Daniel is a homeschool graduate who continues to read and learn whenever he gets the  chance, and for over  10 years he has managed Doorposts Publishing, a ministry dedicated to helping parents apply God’s Word  to child-training. His  service  in the church has included leading a retirement home ministry with Deacon Erland, helping  organize events, leading the missions  and  outreach team, and more recently, joining the team of deacons.

Bryan Hangartner – Deacon
Bryan has been a member of RCC since he was baptized there as a child along with his three other siblings. He was homeschooled through grade school and high school, and attended Portland State University to obtain bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Civil Engineering. He currently works as a project manager at Portland General Electric and is married with one daughter so far. Some of his current service areas including running the weekly Sabbath Agape meal (potluck) and annual church Family Camp at Rockaway beach on the Oregon coast.

David Tooze – Deacon
David became convinced of the sovereignty of God and the truth of the Bible in 1996 and in 2001 made Reformation Covenant his family church home. He says the best part of the Lord’s Day at RCC is that it doesn’t end at noon – rather, it lasts all day long! David has a heart for practical service to RCC and her families. Today, his main responsibilities are assisting with facility maintenance and with family moves. David has taught eight and nine-year-old children in the Lord’s Day Bible Classes and helped start King’s Academy Christian School for Junior and Senior High students. David is a graduate from Oregon State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Parks Management and has been employed by the City of Portland, Office of Sustainable Development, as the Senior Energy Specialist since 1987. He was ordained deacon in the spring of 2008. He and his wife Minden live in Milwaukie and have three children.